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Loon Dust Fly Floatant
PF Approved indicates product manufactured
by others that Perfect Fly recommends and
approves the use of.

As a floatant, Loon Dust keeps flies riding high and adds sparkle attractor. It gives a realistic air bubble effect to
nymphs and can be worked into your fly line to allow for easier pick-up, accelerated casting speed and distance.
Included is an easy to use brush applicator. Great for CDC!

Powder floatant
Easy to use applicator brush
Perfect for CDC
Gives nymphs air bubble effect
Work into fly line to increase floatation

Directions for use

Shake bottle with closed lid to coat applicator brush with dust. Remove applicator brush (attached to lid) and apply
to body and wings of dry flies. If fishing with nymphs, apply Loon Dust to body to create realistic air bubble effect.
Reapply when needed.
Perfect Fly:
Another Loon product  that works on all kinds of dry flies
including CDC flies. It's silicon powder will re-float your wet dry
flies. This was added to our Loon lineup due to its popularity
with our customers.
One Ounce:

Loon Dust Dry Fly Floatant   $5.50
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