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Loon Spritz 2 Fly Floatant
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As the WORLD'S FIRST and ONLY water based spray floatant, Fly Spritz 2 is the fastest way to get a floatant on a
dry fly. Simply spray your fly and either wait or false cast to dry and then fish on.

- Dry Fly Spray floatant
- Water based
- Easy to use spray cap

1. Shake bottle well before applying
2. Remove cap and spray desired amount on fly
3. Either false cast or let fly dry 30 seconds before fishing

Dry fly fishing
Treating indicators
This is Loon's earth friendly alternative to the original Fly Spritz. It is the WORLD'S ONLY water-based spray
floatant, a formula Loon worked on for several years! Just apply a couple of squirts to your fly, then blow dry,
wait or make some false cast to dry and continue to fish.
Finally, a spray floatant which is safe for the
One Ounce:

Loon Spritz 2 Fly Floatant   $7.95
Perfect Fly:
It is difficult to believe this water base spray floatant works as well as it does. The first version wasn't exactly
friendly to the earth, humans or fish in our opinion but that problem has been solved by Loon's 2nd version of
Spritz. This is about as easy and as fast to use as floatants get.
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