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Loon Henry's Sinket
PF Approved indicates product manufactured
by others that Perfect Fly recommends and
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Flies treated with Henry’s Sinket quickly break surface tension and rapidly drop in the water column to where the
fish are. It helps nymphs get deep, where they roll along the bottom as naturally dislodged nymphs would. It’s
especially effective on streamers, getting flies down on the first cast rather than waiting until the materials become
saturated. Henry’s Sinket is completely biodegradable.

Liquid sinking agent
Helps break surface water tension so flies sinks faster
Gets streamers down fast
Helps nymphs roll naturally on bottom

Directions for use

Apply desired amount to nymph. Use fingers to work into nymph. Reapply when needed.
Perfect Fly:
There are many streams and lakes in the United States that
does not permit the use of lead. Loon Henry's Sinket is an
alternative to using lead split-shot or other lead base products.
One Ounce:

Loon Henry's Sinket  $6.50
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