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Rio Gold Fly Lines
Perfect Fly: Why we endorse Rio Gold Fly Line
We are not especially fond of most of the Rio fly lines except for the Rio Gold Fly Line. They seem to want to sell a
fly line for every species of fish that exist. Next thing you know, Rio may have a fly line for bream,
another one for shellcrackers and yet another for sunfish. They obviously want you to have a fly line for every

The Rio Gold Fly line is, in our opinion, the best product Rio has ever come up with.  It's an excellent, all
around, general purpose fly line that works well on modern day fly rods that handles many different species of fish.
We only sell their Gold Series fly lines. These lines will work great for any species of trout, bass and many other
species of fish. We are especially fond of the moss/green color because we think the moss green is about as
subdued and unnoticeable as any fly line color.
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The ultimate, all-round floating line for trout.
The RIO Gold has a revolutionary taper design that gives incredible loop stability at distance, a unique
profile that allows a rod to load at close range and a front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies
between sizes #22 and #2.
The RIO Gold is the ultimate all round, floating line for the trout fly fisher.

Front biased weight to load rods at close range
Taper design to cast flies between #22 and #2
Long head for ultimate casting control
MaxCast: High-tech line coating that repels water while you fish increasing floatation and durability
MaxFloat: Proprietary tip coating for superior float, reduced drag, and quieter pickups
AgentX-Technology: Our most advanced coating technology for enhanced performance, durability and

More Features:
DualTone: A marking system that easily identifies the loading area of each fly line
Front Welded Loop: Welded loop on the front end for fast rigging
Back Welded Loop: Welded loop on the back end for quick rigging
Rio Gold Weight-Forward, Floating Fly Line
WF 4
WF 5
WF 6
Free Shipping Continental U. S.
Rio Gold Weight-Forward, Floating Fly Line
WF 4
WF 5
WF 6
Free Shipping Continental U. S.