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Fly Lines
PF Approved indicates product manufactured by others that Perfect Fly recommends and approves the use of.
Fly Line Backing
Fly Lines and Fly Line Backing
Those new to fly fishing can easily become confused when trying to purchase fly line.
There are many different fly line manufacturers and each one has dozens of different
lines to select from. To help make the selection process easier for you, we have
selected only the best lines.

A fly line is more important than most other types of fishing line because it serves an
additional purpose. When your using spinning or casting tackle, your casting the
weight of baits or lures. When your fly fishing, your casting the weight of the fly line,
not the fly. We don't sell anything we won't use. We don't sell the most expense fly
lines you can buy because we don't think they are the best ones. We also don't sell
the lowest priced fly lines because they are a waste of money.

Although any fly line looks basically like any other fly line, there are big differences in
them. The latest technology cost more but just because it's the newest, doesn't
necessarily mean it's the best. We can assure you that all of the fly lines we sell
provide the best value for performance.

If your still unsure as to which fly line you should purchase for the particular
circumstances, or if you have any questions about fly lines, please call us at
800 594-4726 and we will be happy to assist you.
Perfect Fly Val-U
Fly Lines
Perfect Fly Val-U  product is OEM fly fishing gear and equipment that represents the best value for the money.  
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Fly Lines
Perfect Fly OEM fly fishing gear and equipment   
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Fly Lines
Perfect Fly OEM fly fishing gear and equipment