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Compare the Perfect Fly "Ultimate Six" to other manufacturer's fly rods of
similar quality and size

All Rods are 9 foot, 6 weight, 4 piece fly rods
All Rods come with a case and a cloth rod bag
The information was taken from manufacturer's website and is to the best of our knowledge reasonably
accurate but if questioned, it should be verified to your own satisfaction

Where (?) question marks are shown, it indicates we couldn't find any additional information on the
manufacturer's website or brochures.
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Manufacturer/Model        Action        Weight        Reel Seat                        Seat Spacer                Striper Guide        Guides                Price        Notes          

Sage TCX                                Fast        3 7/16        Nickel colored Alum.       Wood ?                        Hard Aloy             Chrome               $795

Sage One                                Fast             3          Bronze colored Alum.      Walnut                          Hard Aloy             Chrome              $775   

Winston Boron IIIx                 Fast       3 3/4         Nickel Silver                       Burled Wood?                   ?               
        ?                          $795        high grade
wood cost extra and requires added delivery time

Winston Boron Ill sx    Super Fast       3 3/4       Standard seat?                 Nickel Anodized. Alum.    ?                        ?                        $795

Thomas & Thomas  NS-6   Fast        ?                 Anodized Alum.                Black?                            Ceramic                 ?                         $820

Orvis Helios 2                         Tip flex   2 5/8          Anodized Alum.                Graphite                         Ceramic                 Recoil              $795

Scott M906/4                          Smooth? 3.2             Nickel Silver                     Amboyna                      Ceramic Agate       ?                       $975

Perfect Fly Ultimate Six      Fast          31/8          REC Nickel Silver            Amboyna                    Fuji Alconite SIC     REC Recoil        $795 or $920 /extra
None of the similarly priced rods come close to the Perfect Fly Ultimate Six in terms of quality components. Only the Scott M906/4 and the Sage
One Elite compare in that respect and they are respectively $200 and $600 higher in price.
 This page list the components being used on the
Superb Five fly rod.

Most of the above rods don't compare to the Perfect Fly in terms of performance. None of them are superior to the Ultimate Six with respect to

It will become obvious why we named the Perfect Fly six weight rod the "Ultimate Six".
Ultimate Quality
Ultimate Performance