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"Perfect Fly" Fly Rod Purchase Guarantee and Warranty

Satisfaction Guarantee:
Our fly rods are premiere fly rods equal to or better than any made. If you are not fully
satisfied with your fly rod for any reason, just return it within (10) ten calendar days from the
date the original shipment is received for a full refund of your purchase price. It must arrive
undamaged in new condition.  The shipping cost of returning it must be paid by the customer.

Our fly rods are built to the highest quality standards but if for some reason the fly rod breaks
due to defects in material and/or workmanship within a year of the date of purchase, we will
replace or fix it at no cost to the customer. The customer must return the broken rod to us.
Upon receipt, a new rod will be sent to the customer at our expense.

If a problem occurs that is caused by the owner, or that occurs after the one year warranty
period expires that can be fixed without replacing a section of the rod, we will repair the rod
for a fee of $40.00 plus shipping.

In the event your fly rod gets damaged beyond repair, you can purchase a replacement for
the broken section as listed below.
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Note: We do not offer a twenty-five year or life time warranty like many
manufacturers simply because
we don't think it's fair to build up to $200.00
or more into the price of the fly rod for what is in essence an insurance
It results in those that take care of their rods paying for the damage
caused by those that abuse their rods.

Since ninety-percent (90%) of all broken fly rods are broken in the tip section,
we offer an option for an extra tip section.
This in essence puts the warranty
in your hands.
You don't have to worry about a small fly rod company going
out of business voiding your prepaid guarantee. We think this is a better deal
for the customer than paying the cost of the guarantee up front plus having to
pay additional cost involved with the replacement depending on the particular
manufacturers warranty stipulations.  
This is the main reason our Superb
Five rod cost $695.00 instead of $1000.00 or more for a rod of equal
quality and components.
Tip Section (If you purchase an extra one with the rod). .$125.00
Schedule Of Replacement Cost:
Tip Section replacement section after initial purchase.....$165.00
Second Section below the tip...........................................$185.00
Third Section below the top..............................................$195.00
Lower Handle Section with all hardware............................$350,00
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