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The Zako Tenkara Fly Rods are high performance
rods manufactured by Zen Fly Fishing Gear of Loveland,
Colorado. In case you are not familiar with Tenkara, it is a
Japanese method of fly fishing which uses only a rod, line
and fly.
It focuses on simplicity. Fly fishing doesn't have
to be complicated. Fly fishing gear doesn't have to be  
complicated and the Zako Tenkara Rod is proof of that.

The rod is only 19 inches long, so you can take it with you
wherever you go. The rod telescopes out to twelve feet in
length and has a 5:5 flex. It is similar to a one weight
western fly rod. The line is connected directly to the rod tip
eliminating the need for a reel. This makes the setup
streamlined and elegant. The long rod and light line lets
you to keep just about all your fly line off the water. This
greatly reducing drag, helping you achieve a drag-free
drift almost effortless.

Although there are flies on the market that are called
Tenkara Flies, flies should imitate the real insects and
other foods fish eat. Our Perfect Flies work far better than
the traditional Japanese Tenkara flies. You can fish both
dry flies and sub-surface flies such as nymphs, larvae and
crustaceans below the surface using this rod.

•Closed Length 19 inches
•Open Length: 12 foot
•Rod Weight: 3.3 oz
•Case Length: 23 inches
•Weight with Case: 9.2 oz
•Flex: 5:5

The Tenkara fly fishing method is a great way to get kids
or anyone else that doesn't want to spend a lot of time
learning to catch fish on the fly. This method of fly fishing
is perfect for small, mountain freestone streams where a
long, light rod and light fly line provides the best possible
fly presentations. The Tenkara method is also effective in
a variety of other types of waters, such as alpine lakes,
and small farm ponds for panfish and bass.
Simple Fly Fishing
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*Simple fly fishing at its best
*Easy to learn
*Highly Sensitive Feel
*Cast Both Drys and Nymphs Well
*Provides delicate presentations
*Great for backpacking trips
*Great for small ponds and lakes
*Great for bass and panfish
*Extremely light weight
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Line Weight: Approximately 1

Length: 12 Foot

Action (Flex): Full, 5:5

Number of Sections: ???
*Light Weight
*High Grade Cork Handle
*Cloth Rod Sack
*Aluminum Rod Tube
*Tight Tolerance Ferrules
Zako Tenkara Rod, bag
and aluminum case

With furled Uni-Line, light or heavy
11 foot tenkara fly line
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Zako Tenkara Fly Rod
Cloth Rod Bag
Sections of the rod partially
pulled out to expose the
ends of the sections
Aluminum end cap-
This rainbow was caught by Derek Porter on the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta on his first
Tenkara fly fishing trip.
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