White Belly Sculpin

The “Perfect Fly “ White Belly Sculpin is a modification of the Brown Sculpin. The
color of the eyes is the only difference. The White Belly Sculpin has white eyes rather
than the red eyes of the Brown Sculpin. The difference is more of an angler's
preference than an actual difference. Some guys just don't like the red eyes of the

You should note that when the water is high and stained, a lot of food for the
minnows, baitfish and other marine items fish feed on, washes into the stream. This
attracts the minnows and baitfish, such as sculpin, and the baitfish and sculpin
attract the trout. This is a great time to fish the White or Brown Sculpin.

Red eyes just about disappear from the trout’s perspective. If the fish is several feet
from the fly, the red color of the eyes is a shade of gray. They become red to the
trout at close distances. The white eyes don't, and continue to appear white to the

It should be fished exactly like the Brown Sculpin. Keep it right on or just an inch or
two above the bottom by adding the necessary amount of weight four or five inches
above the fly. I may also suggest you first try the water very near the banks in high
water situations. That is where the food washes in and that is where the baitfish,
including the sculpin, go to feed.
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Perfect Fly White Belly Sculpin
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