Garry Dog
Atlantic Salmon Fly:
The Garry Dog is a true classic salmon fly. This fly pattern is said to have been invented
in a fly shop when a visiting preacher gave some of his Golden Retriever's tail hair to
form the wing part of a fly being tied in the shop. Yellow bucktail and other similar types of
hair are commonly used to tie the fly. If you tie your own, we don't suggest you use the
hair from your dogs tail.

According to one story, Garry was the name of the dog and the name Garry Dog came
accordingly.  Others say Garry was the name of the preacher or Garry's Dog. Some even
think the river Garry in Scotland had something to do with the name. Regardless of where
the name came from, the Garry Dog is an excellent salmon and trout fly.

The fly is a good fly for the early season when the water is high and off color. It also
works well in cold water if it's not retrieved to fast.
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