Fly Fishing Gear - Fly and Gear Storage

Fly Boxes:
Fly boxes range from basic, simple clear plastic boxes to deluxe models sized to carry
flies as small as midges up flies as large as streamers. While you are wading, you may
want a compact box that will fit in your shirt or vest pocket. Our Perfect Fly boxes are
waterproof and can dry flies or wet flies and nymphs without your having to worry about
the flies rusting.

Our Perfect Fly boxes has open micro-slit foam (models 101 & 201) that allows extra
room between the foam for flies with vertically wound hackle. This style is better for
smaller flies with hook sizes from 10 to 20.

Our Perfect Fly triangle micro-slit foam (model 102) allows more room for the barbs of
larger hooks. This style is better for larger hook sizes from 4 to 16.

Home and Boat Storage Fly Boxes:
At home or in the boat you may prefer a larger box for storing  flies. There are many
types of fly boxes made for boat storage including specialized models made for various
saltwater applications.

Reel Cases and Bags:
To carry everything, there are multi-pocket fly reel cases that are excellent for storing
spare tools, floatants and line cleaners. They also have pockets that are great for storing
leaders, pliers, thermometers, spare line and even maps.

Fly Rod and Reel Bags:
There are many types of bags made specifically for fly reels. Some fly  reel
manufacturers provide a bag for their reels and others don't. There are special bags
made for carrying fly rods in your vehicle or on an airplane. There are combination rod
and reel bags that hold fly reels and rods assembled.

General Purpose Carry All Bags:
I prefer calling these type bags duffel bags. Anyone that has ever spent time in military
service knows the value of a duffel bag. There are special models made for fly anglers
but there's little difference in them and the common duffel bag. For fishing, you may
prefer a waterproof carry all bag.

Boat Bags:
There are special bags made for fly anglers fishing from boats, both saltwater skiffs and
flats boats and various types of drift boats. They should be waterproof, have plenty of
storage compartments.
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