Fly Fishing Waders

Fly fishing waders should serve several purposes. One is to keep your warm in cool
water. Another is to keep you cool in warm water. Most importantly, they should keep you

Breathable Waders:
For one to remain comfortable, waders should breathe and disperse the moisture that
comes from perspiration, even when underwater. Pure rubber or neoprene waders keep
the water out but are not breathable. Being waterproof isn't enough to keep you
comfortable when wading.

Gore-Tex, breathable membrane waders are in our opinion, a very good choice. There
are other types of breathable materials used successfully for waders. Being active
causes one to loose water from their body. This water makes most insulation material
damp. Your waders should get rid of the moisture or otherwise, one will become chilled.
Being dry means being comfortable. Waders should perform in getting rid of the bodies
moisture irrespective of whether it's 90 degrees or 30 degrees.

Wader Toughness:
Waders should be made to resist abrasion. Anyone wading is going to experience some
falls, slips, thorns on bushes and many other things that can create leaks. They should
be made to withstand tough conditions. Multi-layered waders provide better abrasion
resistance. The extra layers help keep a balance between breathing to stay dry and

Gravel guards:
Gravel-guards help keep small pebbles and sand out of your boots. Some come built-in
with the waders. Gravel guards can also be purchased separately to work with any

Wading Belt:
A wading belt is an absolute must. It can be built-in but if not, you should make absolutely
sure your wearing a separate one, anytime and anywhere your wading. If you slip and fall
in without one tight around your waist, your waders quickly fill with water adding a lot of
weight. The added weight will make it far more difficult to get back up out of the water and
especially if your wading faster currents.
A wading belt can save your life.

Wader Repairs:
Waders that are used will develop leaks. Some may develop small tears. There are fix-it
repair kits for waders. Many models include these repair kits. Most of the time these
repair kits will fix the small problems that occur.  

Wader Warranty:
Select companies that provide a good, comprehensive warranty. The best manufacturers
always stand behind the products they manufacturer and they guarantee quality with a
good warranty.
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