Fly Fishing Vest

When you are wading out in the middle of a stream or you are in a tube float, a fly fishing
vest is a must. Vest have been used as far back as fly fishing has been documented. It's
a highly recognized part of a traditional fly fishers outfit.

Fly-fishing wading and tubing vest usually have several pockets permitting you to carry
the many small items sometimes needed when it would otherwise be quite inconvenient to
return to shore. Most models have exterior pockets and some are zipper closed pockets.
Some have so many pockets you may have a difficult time remembering what you have in

Some models have interior pockets for that come in handy for your sunglasses and tippet
materials. If that is not enough pockets for you, there are vest available with even more
pockets as well as numerous accessories that secure other items to the vest.

You want to make sure a new vest will carry the size of fly boxes you have. It's a good
idea to make a list of what you want to carry and insure the fly vest you choose will carry
the items.

The material used to make the vest can be an important consideration. If you use the
vest during the hot summer months, you probably will want to choose on with plenty of
ventilation. Will the vest give or stretch any? That may be a desirable factor with you. You
want to make sure it is comfortable to wear and fits you well.

One important consideration is how well the vest distributes the load it carries. This is
especially true for people with neck and spine problems. Even though you don't think of a
vest being heavy, the added weight puts some stress on your neck and shoulders.
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