Fly Fishing Gear - Miscellaneous Accessories
There are numerous fly-fishing accessories, some necessary and others not, depending
upon the type of fly-fishing you are doing. Here are some pointers that may be helpful.

Fly Patch:  
A totally optional feature is the fly patch for your hat, shirt, jacket or vest. Some love them
and others despise them.

An accessory we do recommend is the retractor. They make it quick and convenient to
access many accessories such as a release tool.

Release Tool:  
A release tool will make taking the hook out of a fish much easier on both you and the

Measuring Tape:
If you plan on bragging about your catch of the day, or if you want to keep a fish that is
for sure, within the regulations for the area you are fishing, then a measuring tape of
some type is useful.

At times, a thermometer can be helpful in determining whether or not the water is too hot
or cold for certain species of fish. Armed with the right knowledge, it could prompt you to
look for warmer or colder water.

Magnifying Glasses:  
Those of you who are somewhat handicapped in your ability to see ultra small item well at
close distances, especially in low light conditions, may find magnifying glasses very

Midge Threader:  
For those of you who have trouble tying on tiny flies such as midges with like a size 28
hook, for example, there are “threaders” that make it easy to thread very small flies on
those fine tippets.

Rod Bags:
Rod bags, usually those made of soft cloth, protect your rods by
utilizing compartments that keep the rod sections separated.

Rod Tubes:  
A plastic, aluminum or other type rod tube like this one will protect your rods from the
rigors of travel and hazards of storage.

Clip on lights lets you tie on flies in low light or while night fishing. Under the right
circumstances, this often over looked accessory can be a very valuable one.

Wading Staff:
The wading staff is a very handy item to have in water with varying bottom conditions
and/or swift water conditions. Although it is a great wading aid for youngsters past forty, it
isn't just for the older generations. It can come in handy for anyone wading under less
than desirable conditions. The best models are collapsible so they can be easily carried
around until needed.

Tippet Dispenser:  
Tippet dispensers make it convenient for you to disperse various size tippet materials
without having to search through pockets or boxes for the particular size you need.   
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