Electronic Accessories

GPS Receivers/Chart Plotters:
If you spot a big fish or discover a good fishing area in a remote location that you are
unfamiliar with, then you may want to store that location by marking it as a waypoint in the
memory of a portable GPS receiver. They are small, lightweight, affordable, and accurate
to within a few feet. You can always return to that same exact location from any other
location in the world at any time later.  

If you are fishing with a partner, normally you will be some distance apart in order to stay
out of each, others way. Often, on small streams you may not be within sight of each
other and in some cases, even when you are in view of one another, you cannot hear
one another due to the sound of the water. Small, economical, family use, two-way radios
are very useful in communicating with each other and may even offer some safety
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