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Fly Reel Drags:
If you are catching big fish, the drag quickly becomes the single most important part of
the fly reel. The drag should be as smooth and even as possible. It should serve to tire
the fish and at the same time prevent the tippet from breaking.

Disc drags have pads that apply pressure to the reel spool. They are by far the best type
drags to have. Wider range drag adjustments are possible with the disc drag because
the drag can be adjusted in smaller or finer increments than with most other types of
drags. Single click type drag systems do not handle these requirements well.

Palm type drags allow you to apply pressure to the spool of the reel, thereby increasing
the tension applied to the line during the fight of a fish. Single click-pawl type drags, even
those on reels equipped with palming spools, are adequate for smaller fish caught on
medium to heavy tippets, but larger fish or even smaller fish taken on ultra light tippets,
demand a better, more reliable drag system.

Fly Reel Materials:     

Most fly reels are made from either aluminum or graphite. Graphite reels are usually the
most economical and are lightweight and corrosion proof. Aluminum reels can be made
from cast aluminum or machined aluminum.

Machine finishing gives fly reels tight tolerances and superior smoothness and are more
desirable than reels made from stamped aluminum parts. Anodized finishes are available
on some reels that help protect the reel against harsh conditions. The finish of the
aluminum reel should not scratch or nick easily. Some reels have ball bearings, usually
made of stainless steel, which can be a factor in making the reel operate smoothly.

Although there are several types of disc drag systems and most of them, use drag
washers that are made from cork. Cork is simple, efficient and inexpensive. Plastics and
composites, such as Teflon, are also used for the drag washers.

In many anglers mind's, the fly reel should be a thing of beauty. There are many different
designs that give one the opportunity to choose a reel that best suits them. It gets down
to style in the eyes of many anglers. They prefer certain finishes not only for durability
but also for its beauty.
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