Girdle Bug Trout Fly

The Girdle Bug is one of the many trout flies designed by Montana fly
tiers. It is easy to fish and very durable. It was originally designed to
imitate the large stoneflies of the Big Hole River. We cannot confirm the
name of the originator but find through web searches that is was first
used on the Big Hole.

The fly could also be used to imitate cranefly larvae and hellgrammites.
The many rubber legs makes it look alive in the current of trout streams
and from an impressionistic standpoint, it could look like many items of
food that trout feed on.

It is a large nymph designed to be fished tumbling along the bottom of a
trout stream. It can be tied in a variety of colors but the black chenille
body and white rubber legs we use to tie the pattern are thought to be the
original dressing.  

You do need to add weight to the fly. If permitted, lead, split-shot placed a
few inches above the fly works great. Since stoneflies stay on the bottom
of the stream, you should fish the Girdle Bug on the bottom. It works best
when large stoneflies are hatching because that's when they come out
from underneath the rocks and crawl to the banks to hatch.
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Girdle Bug Trout Fly
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