Glo-Bug Egg Steelhead and Salmon Fly
The Glo-Bug Egg steelhead and salmon fly is one of many egg-flies originated to imitate
fish roe. The fly works great for both steelhead and salmon as well as trout. It is popular
on the tributary streams of the Great Lakes and the Pacific Coast salmon and steelhead

The Glo-Bug Egg fly works best when it's fished downstream of redds of spawning fish.
It isn't a good idea to fish through the redds of spawning fish because you can snag
them. It's best to use a dead-drift presentation below or downstream of the redds. Keep
the fly as close to the bottom as possible by adding split-shot a few inches above the fly.
It can also be fished from a strike indicator but it isn't usually as effective. It can also be
presented as a nymph or using the Czech nymph style of presentation. The closer the fly
stays to the bottom, the better your chances of hooking a fish.  a run - expect to snag
bottom occasionally - if you don't then your fly isn't fishing properly.
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Pink Glo-Bug Egg Shown