Golden Stonefly Nymph
Adult Golden Stonefly
Copyright 2014 James Marsh
Golden Stonefly Trout Flies
There are several species of the Perlidae family of stoneflies that are called Golden Stoneflies.
Although there are some minor differences in appearance and behavior of these different Golden
stonefly species, the differences are not great enough to require different specific imitations, or
different Golden Stonefly trout flies.

The Goldens are fairly large, averaging from one to two inches long. They live from two to three
years, depending on the particular species. The female adults are slightly larger than the males.
To imitate the hatch, you need imitations of both the Golden stonefly nymph and adult. Trout eat  
both the nymphs and the egg laying adults.

Golden stoneflies exist in cold water trout streams throughout the United States and Canada.
Eastern species of Golden stoneflies are sometimes called Willowflies, Common Stoneflies, Stone
Creepers, American Stoneflies, Embossed Stoneflies, Yellow Legged Stoneflies and Common

Golden stonefly nymphs live in riffles and runs of trout streams with moderate to fast current. The
Golden stonefly nymph can be golden or yellow in color but they have a lot of brown.

Like all stoneflies, the Golden stonefly nymphs crawl to the shore or upon boulders and rocks to
hatch into adults. They do not hatch in the water. The emerge from the nymphs into adults out of
the water.

It is during the migration from their hiding places to the banks of the stream that the Perfect Fly
Golden Stonefly nymph is most effective. This migration takes place in low light conditions, late in
the day and early in the morning, as well as during the night.

After mating takes place, the females return to the water to lay their eggs. This mating process can
range for up to a few days. This egg laying process can occur anytime of the day, but it is normally
during the afternoon and more likely to be late in the day.
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