Golden Drake

The Golden Drake dun is a beautiful, colorful mayfly. They are sometimes called Evening
Duns, Cream Variants, Cream Drakes, and Golden Duns. The duns are most often
spotted along the banks of the river. If there is a feeder stream in the area that has
cooler water, that is usually a prime location for the Golden Drakes, so don't overlook
these spots.

When the duns hatch, they leave the water fast for a larger mayfly but they do so in a
clumsy fashion. They may make more than one attempt to do so. They may flutter on the
surface a time or two before departing.

The Perfect Fly dun imitation should be presented in the quite water along the banks or
anywhere there is shallow water. Longer, downstream and down and across
presentations are often necessary to prevent spooking the trout. Remember, you should
be fishing the hatch very near dark so you need to plan where you are going to fish
before hand. As I mentioned in the emerger section, if it is heavily overcast you may want
to start earlier.
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