Golden Drake


The Golden Drake spinner fall occurs during the evenings. You rarely find them on the
water prior to dark. If the stream can be fished during the night, that is the best approach
to use. The spinners are often found on the water early in the morning before sunup.
That is also a prime time to fish the spinner imitation. They usually collect in the eddies,
at the tail ends of the riffles and heads of the pools. Shallow water pockets along the
banks are also likely places for them to collect.

The best way to present the spinners is downstream or down and across. Often you can
hear the trout feeding on them better than you can see them. If you position yourself to
where the light from the moon is shinning on the water, you may be able to see trout
feeding on them but most of them time you want.

Another way is to slowly move down the banks of the stream, casting ahead and near the
banks in the shallow water. You can use this method after the sun sets and on into the
night if the banks of the stream are clear enough to do this. It is also a good approach to
take in the early mornings.

You shouldn't expect a lot of fast action from the Golden Drakes but it may be the only
thing hatching during the summer. You could rightly expect to have a good shot at
catching a larger brown trout during the hatch. The low light conditions make it a prime
time for the larger, older browns to loose a little caution.
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