The Gray Drake is sometimes called the
Black Drake. It is found in slower moving
water. This mayfly crawls out of the water
to hatch and therefore is only important to
anglers in its nymphal and spinner
stages of life. It is a large mayfly that is a
big part of a trout's diet in the type of
water it is found in. The spinner fall can
bring about excellent dry fly action.
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Mayflies: Gray Drake
Gray Drake (Imitations)
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These are species of the Siphlonurus genus of the
Siphlonuridae family of mayflies. They are found in rivers with
slower moving water that usually has aquatic vegetation. We
categorized the
alternatus, occidententalis, columbianus, and
spectabilis species together, as they are almost identical.
The particular species should make no difference in the
manner in which you imitate these mayflies. It makes no
difference in the appearance of the fly. One nymph and one
spinner fly pattern works for all the species.
Since the nymphs crawl out of the water to hatch. It is not
necessary to imitate the dun. It would get into the water only by
The spinners are very important. We will cover the details of
fishing the nymphs and spinner fall stages of life in the linked
articles above.
These mayflies are found throughout the nation from the west
coast to the east coast and in Canada.
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