Gray Ghost
Atlantic Salmon Fly:

The Gray Ghost Atlantic Salmon Fly was invented by Mrs. Carrie Stevens of Upper Dam
Maine. According to our research, It was first tied on July 1st, 1924. This fly, along with
many others, we designed and developed on the streams of Maine. Most of them came
from the upper dam area of  Lake Mooselookmeguntic. Many of the streamer fly patterns
you see today came from the same area of Maine.

Mrs. Stevens was the wife of a local guide. No one taught her to tie flies. She did it out of
necessity and in doing so, she actually set many of the standards by which streamer flies
are tied today.  My guess is that this was first done to help her husband earn a living as a
guide. She is credited with designing over 150 different streamers.

The Gray Ghost streamer is not only an Atlantic Salmon fly, it's a great trout fly. In fact, it
was originally designed to imitate baitfish to catch brook trout. The main feature of the
Gray Ghost was the double wing with cheeks and shoulders. The fly has since been tied
a number of different ways. It produced a very realistic baitfish. The tail of the fly wiggles
much like a real baitfish.

This fly is best fished on the swing a foot or two below the surface.
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