Gray-winged Yellow Quill:

This mayfly is the Eperous vitreus. The Gray-winged Yellow Quill is also called the Pale
Evening Dun by some anglers. The Pale Evening Dun is also more commonly used for
another mayfly and that can lead to confusion. The females are also called Pink Ladies
by some. That is okay in the East but there is another Western Species called the Pink

The mayfly is very similar to the Quill Gordon. It exist in both the East and the Mid-west.
Where both the Quill Gordon and Gray-winged Yellow Quill exist, the Quill Gordon usually
hatches first. They hatch in moderate to fast water but somewhat slower moving water
than the Quill Gordon. In many streams, the Gray-winged Yellow Quill is considered the
most important of the two species. This is especially true in the Northeast and New
England areas.

The nymphs are clingers. Like most clinger nymphs they stay hidden most of the time
and are not that available for trout to eat. They are just prior to a hatch. When the hatch
begins, the emergers are most important. They hatch on the bottom or somewhere
between the bottom and the surface of the water. 9
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