Gray-winged Yellow Quill - Nymph

The Gray-winged Yellow Quill nymphs are clinger nymphs that prefer moderate to fast,
highly oxygenated water. You can fish the nymph weighted near the faster moving water
in which they spend most of their lives but unless the hatch is about to begin we wouldn't
recommend it. We suggest that you don't waste your time fishing imitations of the clinger
nymph until its the time of year for the hatches to start.

In the mornings and early afternoons, before the nymphs have begun to emerge,  you
should fish weighted imitations in slower moving water that is located within fast water.
This usually means in the current seams where that water is carried downstream from
calmer areas of water behind boulders or rocks. Fish the nymph imitation only up until the
time of day the hatch begins and the trout begin to feed on the emerging nymphs. At that
time you will want to switch to our Perfect Fly Emerging Dun or wet fly.

When the hatch starts the emerging dun imitations are far superior to a nymph imitation.
That is because they have an easy time picking off the emergers. They are trying to get
rid of their nymphal shuck while accenting to the surface to fly away. The trout take
advantage of the struggling mayflies.
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