Great Lake Mysis Shrimp Steelhead Fly

Mysis Shrimp are a common food for fish in the Great Lakes. Rainbow smelt and alewife
eat them along with the steelhead. The species is the Mysis relicta, also called an
Opossum shrimp. We have been told that over half of the steelhead's diet consist of
Mysis Shrimp. Imitations of them are a very important flies when the steelhead return to
the rivers to spawn.

The Fall run of steelhead hold near the mouths of these tributaries of the Great Lakes
where large concentrations of Mysis Shrimp are an important part of the diet of the fish.
They also work for trout in tailwaters anywhere Mysis Shrimp exist in the lake that has
been dammed.

Our imitation of the Mysis Shimp is very realistic, but also durable. It should be fished just
like you would fish a nymph for the steelhead but it can also be presented on the swing
using the traditional wet fly method.
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