Green Butt Skunk Steelhead Fly
The Green Butt Skunk Steelhead fly is one of the top few steelhead flies every
developed. It has retained it's popularity over the years and is now used on both the
tributary streams of the Great Lakes and the Pacific Coast. The Green Butt Skunk is
like the American Express Card. You shouldn't go anywhere without it.

According to what we can find, the fly was first tied in the 1940's by a Seattle angler
named Wes Drain. It was first used on the Umpqua River. The best feature of the fly is
it's ability to catch steelhead in all types of weather and water conditions. The fly
seems to work equally as well in gin clear water as it does dingy, off colored water.

There has been many variations in this fly over the years but our version is close to
the original Green Butt Skunk. There are now Spey versions and even Atlantic Salmon
versions of the fly.

The Green Butt Skunk should be in every angler's fly box. It's fished on the swing
using the traditional method. Many anglers prefer to use a long, fluorocarbon leader,
but mono nylon also works well. The biggest advantage you have fishing this fly is
confidence. Just knowing thousands of steelhead have been taken on the same fly
pattern helps keep any angler eagerly awaiting a strike on every swing.
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