Green and Yellow Bream Nymph Fly
The Perfect Fly Green and Yellow Bream Nymph is a variation of an old panfish fly sold
by the Gaines Company. Although it also works as an attractor fly, our version was
designed to imitate a Dragonfly nymph. Dragonfly nymphs are common in just about all
warmwater lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. It's a favorite bream and shellcracker food
although all species of panfish eat Dragonfly nymphs.

The Green and Yellow Bream Nymph fly is made from woven chenille with rubber legs to
add a life-like appearance of the fly. The fly is designed to slowly sink so that it can be
fished at various depths. Just cast it out and let it slowly sink. You will find that the fish will
often hit it while it's falling.

You can also add weight to the tippet a few inches above the fly and fish it on the bottom.
If you add some floatant to the fly, it will tend to float just above the bottom and hang up
less. It can be fished with or without a strike indicator.

The fly works best around the cover where large bream, shellcrackers and other panfish
hide. Submerged treetops, logs, stumps in reservoirs, and rocks are typical places large
panfish like to hide. In ponds and lakes with grass and weed beds, fish the Bream Nymph
without added weight and allow it to sink just above or around the aquatic vegetation.
Slow, short strips will add life-like action to the fly, just don't over do it.
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