There are numerous similar looking boonie style hats on the market that range in price from $15 to
$90 dollars. This fly fishing hat is the same basic design of those worn by Angie and James Marsh
when fly fishing as well as in production of their 18 top selling fly fishing DVD. It's made of canvas,
has 4 side vents, and a UV rating of 50 plus. The hat has a stretchable interior band and each side
brim can be folded up and secured by snaps or left open for better protection from the sun. There's
an adjustable neck strap with sliding wood keeper. It's comfortable to wear and can even be washed.
Fly Fishing Hat
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A word of caution: I have always preferred a hat to a baseball style cap when fishing. Left open, with
the sides unfolded, the hat reduces the glare and damaging rays of the sun and generally, helps you
see better. Unfortunately, I worn neither a hat or cap for many years. Unless I needed the polarizing
benefits of them, I also rarely wore my sunglasses.  A few thousand days out on the water in the hot
sun has damaged my skin enough that I regret ignoring what I knew but did nothing about. I have
skin cancers all over me, including my legs from saltwater fishing in shorts. It hasn't killed me yet but
when I visit a dermatologist, I return looking like I have been in a house fire. I'm usually covered with
burns spots where they have used liquid nitrogen  to freeze (burn) the things off. I also have a
pterygium or growth caused by the sun on my left eye.

Wearing the hat with the sides folded up like shown in the picture isn't exactly good either because it
offers no protection from the sun for your ears and the side of your face. Now that the top of my head
is rather bald, with little skin cancers on it, I always need to wear a hat although I'm about fifty years
too late. Here's the bottom line.
If you make a habit of wearing a hat when your fishing, you will be
much better off in the long run.     
James Marsh
The above hat was  taken out of a box in a flat position just prior to this shot. You don't have to worry
about them getting bent or out of shape.  You can even pack them in a fly fishing bag or your luggage.
This image shows the inside stretchable band that fits different size heads,  
the adjustable neck strap that helps hold the hat in place in strong wind, and
the UPF rating of 50.
The image shows the detail stitching on the
bill of the hat.
Two mesh covered vents on each side of the hat help keep it
ventilated and cooler. The center item is a snap for securing the
sides of the hat in an upright position.