More Information on the Hendrickson and the Red Quill Dun:

The above images of the Hendrickson and Red Quill mayflies show the difference in what
is the same species of mayfly, depending on whether it's the male of female. The images
are thumbnails. Click the picture to enlarge them. As you can see, the Hendrickison Dun
has lighter wings and  a much lighter body and the Red Quill has a much darker body
and slightly darker wings. Of course, both of these are newly emerged mayflies and their
wings will lighten with time. In real life, they are actually more difference in them than the
pictures makes it look.
The easiest way to tell the difference in them is their eyes.
The females have little eyes and the males big, red tomato eyes. By the way, this is true
of the  
Ephemerella group of mayflies (genus) which includes many other common
species of mayflies like the Sulphurs. All of the species of mayflies within the family have
eyes that differ like this depending on the gender.

Here are our Perfect Fly imitations. Notice our wings are lighter and that's because when
they get wet, which they do when your use the fly, they turn a little darker. The wings are
made of hen feathers.
The big difference, clearly seen by the trout, is the different
body colors
. The Hendrickson has a light tan body and the Red Quill a dark reddish
brown body. There's not much difference in the thorax. Notice, we use the light hackle
that imitates the legs because the real ones have light color legs.

Now, as I have already written, we have always been able to use either fly pattern during
the hatch and catch trout. Both genders hatch at the same time and there are about the
same number of each. We make the two different dun patterns because many anglers
that fish these hatches, especially those in the Northeast and New England area, think
the gender of the fly can make a difference. We offer both patterns to let them have a

When it comes to the spinners, it's a different situation. We will get into this tomorrow. We
do think the gender makes a big difference because the spinner falls occur at different
times. Sometimes the water is covered in mostly males and later on, mostly females. The
spinner male and females look entirely different as you will see tomorrow.
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Hendrickson (Female) Dun
Hendrickson (Female) Dun
Perfect Fly Red Quill (Male) Dun
Perfect fly Hendrickson (Female) Dun
Red Quill (Male) Dun