Hexigenia Nymph
Steelhead Fly:
  Great olive wing duns exist in all the Great Lakes and all the tributaries of the Great
Lakes as well as in most of the steelhead streams of the Pacific Coast. These nymphs
are burrower nymphs and are especially important from winter on into spring.

  The Perfect Fly Hexigenia Nymph is almost identical to the natural aquatic insects found
in these streams and realistically imitate them  in both appearance and behavior.   

  We first started selling these to steelhead anglers thinking that they were using them
for trout. Then, we had one of our customers call after finding that we were temporarily
out and tell us that they were working very well on steelhead. We then checked with other
customers and their friends and discovered that they were also using them to catch

  The Hexigenica Nymph can be fished as is or used with weights. It works well in all
depths of water as well as various colors of water but seem to work best if fished near the
bottom. We think you will find the Hexigenica Nymph very effective in catching steelhead.

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