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October Caddis is a caddisfly that's also called the "Giant Orange Sedge". The big
caddis is found from the Pacific Coastal area to the Rocky Mountains. The lcaddislfy is so
large, a hook size 10, that's it is easy to see them on the on rocks and in the trees and
bushes along the shoreline.

It's a member of the Limnephilldae family of caddisflies. They prefer moderate to fast
moving water and freestone streams.

The only problem with this large insect is that it emerges in the evenings and the egg
laying takes place late in the afternoon and on into the evenings.

This fly hatches in late September and October and provides a good meal for the trout.
You should imitate both the pupae during the hatch and the adults when the females are
depositing their eggs.

If your fishing for trout on a freestone stream in the western United States from late
September to the first part of November, there's  good chance the October Caddis will be
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