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Giant Black Stonefly Nymph s another simi-realistic imitation of one of the stoneflies
that are common in the Western Pacific Coast steelhead streams as well as the tributary
streams of the Great Lakes. Like a couple other Perfect Fly imitations, customers started
purchasing this fly for steelhead before we offered it for steelhead. We now offer it in
both a regular hook and black salmon hook.

The Perfect Fly Black Stonefly Nymph is especially useful for the early arriving steelhead. It
works year round because these nymph can live up to two and three years
depending on the species. It can be fished as it is in shallower water, or weighted and
fished on the bottom of deep water. The color black is visible in both stained and clear

This fly has plastic, flexible antennae, legs a tails. It will return to its original shape when
bent and is very durable. The wing pad is made of turkey quill, the thorax made with
dubbing and the body of the fly with plastic tubing.

This fly has consistently taken steelhead in the tributary streams of the Great Lakes. It
has only been fished by a few anglers on the Pacific Coast as of the release of this fly,
but those anglers have reported great results in using this fly.
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