Stream Hatch Charts:
These links tell you which aquatic and
terrestrial insects that will hatch on the
stream and what other food is available for
the trout to feed on. It also provides the time
of year the insects hatch and/or the food is
most available to the fish. It's not only
valuable for hatch times, it also helps you
determine when the insects are available in
their nymphal stage.

Tailwater Discharge Information:
These links will provide information on when
the authorities expect to release water from
the lake above the dam at the tailwater. In
some cases it will provide the amounts of the
discharges and/or the number of turbines
that will be operating. Always keep in mind
these schedules are subject to change
without notice. Sudden discharges can cause
the water to rise rapidly and endanger
anyone wading that's not aware of it. Always
keep a close visual check on the water levels.

USGS Real Time Stream Flow Data:
These links will provide stream flow data for
many of the blue ribbon trout streams in the
nation. The information is recorded from
stations located on streams across the
nation. The information includes the
discharge in cubic feet per second and the
gauge height at the stations in feet. Other
data such as the minimum and maximum
flows are provided along with the median and
mean flows.

Saltwater and Coastal Water Tide
This link will let you acquire tide information
for any NOAA station in the United States
including Hawaii and Alaska.  It provides the
water levels, wind speed and direction, air
pressure and air temperature for any station.
You can click on the data listing link below
any tide page and see the details of the
tides. This is very important information for
anyone fishing tidal waters.
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