Midges 101:

Midges are another important aquatic insect that anglers need to be familiar with.
It is a mistake to think that midges are not an important food anywhere there is

Midge Larvae:
Midge larvae look like tiny grub like worms. There are two types, the ones that
burrow in soft bottoms and the free swimmers that hide under rocks, sticks and
other debris. Most of them in the Smokies are the free swimmers.

Midge Pupae:
When the midge larvae change go into the pupae stage of life, they are most
subject to being eaten by trout. Most of these pupae emerge in the surface film.
Often, the pupae have a difficult time breaking through the surface skim and
changing into an adult.

The midge pupae look quite similar to the larvae except they have a wing pad
area that is thicker than the body of the larvae. The midge pupa is the most
important stage of life to imitate with a fly.

Midge Adults:
The adult midge looks similar to a mosquito. They can be important to anglers
during the time they are mating and depositing their eggs. They are imitated with
tiny dry flies.
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