.....New! "Perfect Fly" Leaders

Being able to present your "Perfect Flies" properly
requires a good tapered leader, irregardless of the type
of fly you are fishing. The leader should be soft enough
to have the proper amount of elasticity in order to absorb
the shock of the sudden surge of a fish, yet be hard
enough to be as resistant to abrasion as possible. You
cannot land large fish on frayed leader material, or with
tangles and wind knots in your leader and tippet.  

You should be able to deliver your flies with precision.
This often makes the difference in catching fish or not
catching fish. Our
Perfect Fly leaders are designed to
enable the angler to deliver the fly precisely where you
want it to go. They provide a strong, nearly invisible link
between the fly line and the fly.  They transfer energy
from the fly line to the fly in a predictable manner.

Perfect Fly Small Stream Trout tapered mono
leaders have a large diameter butt section that helps
make a smooth transition from the fly line to the leader.
The midsection tapers gradually down to the terminal
tippet part of the leader that is based on its intended
use. These leaders transfer energy from the fly line to
the tippet smoothly.
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
Perfect Fly Mono Tapered Small
Stream Trout Leaders

Sizes Available:
7 1/2 Foot Mono Leader.................$3.95                               
.(sizes 0X, 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X)

3 each 7 1/2 Foot Mono Leaders   $9.95       
(3 per pack)
The Best Leaders You Can Buy
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Don't be fooled by marketing gimmicks!
Some leader manufacturers want to make you think you
need several special purpose mono tapered leaders
for trout fishing for different applications. They are
usually nothing more than marketing gimmicks to make
you think you need a different leader for brown trout than
you do for rainbow trout; or a different one for freestone
streams than spring creeks; etc. Many of them are just
ways to get you to buy more leaders than you actually
need to fish for trout.
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Strength        Tip Diameter  Butt Dia.
14 lbs. test         0.011               0.026
12 lbs. test         0 010               0.025
9.5 lbs. test        0.009               0.025
7.7 lbs. test        0.008               0.020
6.3 lbs. test        0.007               0.020
4.7 lbs. test        0.006               0.020
3.5 lbs. test        0.005               0.021
Perfect Fly "Small Stream Trout"
tapered leaders are used in all types of
small streams as well as some larger
size pocket water streams where short
cast are preferred. Short, close-in
presentations and the shorter length of
the small stream trout leaders offers an
advantage where strong, conflicting
current make it difficult to get a drag-free
drift. It reduces the amount of fly line on
the water which results in less drag. The
small stream trout leaders are
appropriate for any type of small stream
including spring creeks, tailwaters and
freestone streams. They can be used
with all types of trout flies.  They are
strong as any nylon leaders made for
their diameter and flexibility. We don't
make misleading marketing claims that
our leaders are "strong" by labeling a true
4X leader a 5X.
Loops come on the small stream and
nine foot leaders. Cut them off is you
don't use them and you still have the full
length of the leader.