.....New! "Perfect Fly" Leaders

If you don't have the proper leader and tippet you really
can’t present the flies being used correctly. You also
won't be able to play and land the fish  quickly to
minimize any stress or harm to the fish. Our
Perfect Fly
leaders transfer energy from the fly line to the fly in a
predictable manner, yet they are stiff and strong enough
to fight the fish with an adequate amount of pressure for
a quick release time.

Being able to present your "Perfect Fly" Steelhead and
Atlantic Salmon files properly requires a good tapered
leader, irregardless of the type of fly you are fishing. The
leader should be soft enough to have the proper amount
of elasticity in order to absorb the shock of the sudden
surge of a steelhead or Atlantic salmon, yet be hard
enough to be as resistant to abrasion as possible. You
cannot land large fish on frayed leader material, or with
tangles and wind knots in your leader and tippet.  

Our hand tied, multi-section Spey Rod  
Perfect Fly
steelhead and Atlantic Salmon tapered mono leaders
have a very large diameter butt section that helps make
a smooth transition from the fly line to the leader. The
midsection tapers gradually down in three steps to the
terminal tippet part of the leader ranging from eight to
twelve pound test. These leaders transfer energy from
the fly line to the tippet smoothly and will turn over large
and small Spey flies, nymphs, single and double hook
streamers, egg flies and other types of flies.
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
Perfect Fly Mono Tapered
(Both 12 foot and 16 foot lengths)

Sizes Available:
12 Foot Mono Steelhead & Atlantic Salmon Leader...    
(sizes 8#, 10#,
16 Foot Mono Steelhead & Atlantic Salmon Leader

(sizes 8#, 10#, 12#).........................$6.95
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Tip Dia.         Butt Dia.         Butt Test
0.014               0.032                40#
0.016               0.036                50#
0.018               0.036                50#
Perfect Fly Steelhead and Salmon leaders
work on any type of two-handed fly rod,
Spey or Switch rod. Steelhead and
Salmon leaders for single-handed fly rods
are shorter and
sold separately.

Although steelhead are rarely leader shy,
fish that have been fish over a few times
can be aware of highly visible leaders.
Although our Perfect Fly leaders are stiff
and resistant to abrasion, we use
materials that are as inconspicuous as
We use Mason Hard Nylon leader material.
The leaders step down in size from the butt
to the tippet in
5 sections including the
tippet. The butt section is half the length of
the leader and the tippet section is 2 feet in
Spey Rod Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon
Hand Tied Tapered Mono Leaders
These leaders are for two-handed fly rods. We have
other leaders designed for
single -handed fly rods used
for steelhead and Atlantic Salmon. .