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Sizes Available:
10 Foot Leaders for saltwater fish...................$7.95         
.(Shock Leader sizes 20#, 30#, 40#)

3 each 10 Foot Leaders for saltwater fish  
(3 per pack)
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Hand Tied Tapered Mono Leaders for
Saltwater Fish - 16# class tippet with 20, 30
& 40# Fluorocarbon Shock Tippets - with
Perfection Loops - 10 foot lengths

Being able to present your "Perfect Fly" saltwater flies
properly to hard hitting and hard fighting species of
saltwater fish requires a well built tapered leader,
irregardless of the type of fly you are fishing. The entire
leader should be soft enough to have the proper amount
of elasticity in order to absorb the shock of the sudden
surge of a fish, yet be hard enough to be as resistant to
abrasion from the tough saltwater environment. The
shock tippet should be very tough to withstand the
sudden strike of the fish and its rough mouth. You
cannot land large fish on frayed leader material or a
frayed tippet.

You should be able to deliver your flies where you want
them to land. This often makes the difference in
catching fish or not catching fish. Our
Perfect Fly leaders
are designed to enable the angler to deliver the fly
precisely where you want it to go. They transfer energy
from the fly line to the fly in a predictable manner.

Perfect Fly hand tied tapered Saltwater leaders
have a large diameter nylon butt section that helps
make a smooth transition from the fly line to the leader.
The midsection gradually tapers down in steps to the
class tippet part of the leader. The fluorocarbon shock
tippet comes in 20, 30 and 40# sizes and is 2 foot in
length. This allows you to tie several flies on the same
leader and to catch multiple fish on the same leader.  
You can make the leader IGFA legal if you prefer by
simply trimming the shock leader down to less than 12
inches including the knot. The class tippet is IGFA legal.  
We use Mason Hard Nylon leader
material in all five sections of the nylon
portion of the leader. The butt section is 4
foot in length and begins with a perfection
loop. The class tippet is 15 inches long.
Three sections step down from the butt to
the tippet making a total of five sections of
nylon part of the leader.  These sections
are joined using blood knots. The
fluorocarbon shock tippet comes in three
sizes - 20#, 30# and 40# test.
The butt section that attachés to your fly
line has a perfection loop so that you can
change leaders fast and easy.  This
enables you to pre-rig other leaders with
the fly already tied on so that you can
change flies fast and easy simply by
changing out the leader using a loop to
loop connection. All of our leaders are
checked and tested for knot strength prior
to being packaged.
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