.....New! "Perfect Fly" Leaders

Being able to present your "Perfect Fly" Tarpon flies
properly requires a special type of leader. Our leaders
are quick-change, improved versions of tarpon leaders
used by the World's best tarpon fly fishing guides. We
use  20 lb. test Mason Hard Nylon for the class tippet,
and 40, 60 or 80 lb. test Seaguar fluorocarbon for the
shock tippet. The leaders are tied using the very best
knots.  They are extremely resistant to abrasion, easy to
straighten out, and almost invisible to the tarpon .  
To be IGFA legal for world records, the shock tippet can
be no longer than 12 inches. However, we make the
shock tippet 30 inches or longer, so you can change
flies several times without having to change leaders.
This enables you to catch several tarpon on the same
leader and also aids in landing big fish. If you so desire,
you can easily make them IGFA legal just be trimming
the shock tippet so that it is not over 12 inches from the
fly to the end of the knot that secures it. The class tippet
is under 16 inches in length and is already IFGA legal

The standing end of the class tippet has a Bimini twist
and a double perfection knot. The butt section that
attachés to your fly line has a perfection loop so that you
can change leaders fast and easy.  This enables you to
pre-rig other leaders with the fly already tied on so that
you can change flies fast and easy simply by changing
out the leader using a loop to loop connection. All of our
leaders are checked and tested for knot strength prior to
being packaged.
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
Tarpon Leader with 20# class tippet with a 40, 60, or
80# shock tippet)

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