.....New! "Perfect Fly" Hand Tied
Mono Leaders for Redfish & Trout
.............with Perfection Loop

Being able to present your Perfect Redfish Flies properly
requires a good tapered leader, irregardless of the type
of water or fly you are fishing. They are tied with a stiff,
powerful butt section to deliver flies in strong winds.

Although the leaders are fairly stiff throughout their
length, they still have enough elasticity to absorb the
shock from the sudden surge of the strong run of the
Redfish. The tough mono is just hard enough to offer an
adequate amount of resistance to abrasion, but
forgiving enough for your smaller flies to imitate the
behavior of the food the fly represents..

Casting accuracy to tailing and cruising Redfish often
makes the difference in catching the fish or not.. Our
Perfect Fly Redfish leaders are designed to enable the
angler to deliver their flies precisely where you want
them to go. Like all the Perfect Fly leaders, they transfer
energy from the fly line to the fly in a predictable manner.

Perfect Fly hand tied tapered mono leaders
have a large diameter butt section that transitions down
in steps to the tippet. The mid sections help make a
smooth transition from the fly line to the fly.

Using a loop to loop connection, the perfection loop
enables you to quickly and easily change to other
leaders with different flies already tied on them
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
Perfect Fly Mono Tapered Leaders

Sizes Available:
10 Foot Mono Leaders for saltwater fish........$5.95         
.(sizes 12#, 16# & 20# test)

3 each 10 Foot Mono Leaders for saltwater fish  
(sizes same as above)
The Best Saltwater Leaders You Can Buy
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Tip Dia.          Butt Dia.     Butt Test
0.010               0.036                50#
0.014               0.036                50#
0.016               0.040                60#
These leader are designed specifically for
the anglers that pursue Redfish,  They are
effective when used on inshore flats,
creeks, coves, bays, sounds and inlets.
They are especially good for sight fishing
because their taper is designed to deliver
the fly to its target accurately.
We use Mason Hard Nylon leader material.
The leaders step down in size from the butt
to the tippet in
5 sections including the
tippet. The butt section is 5 feet in length
and begins with a perfection loop to enable
changing leaders quickly and easily. The
tippet section is 2 feet in length. As your line
unrolls towards the target and arrives at the
leader you need enough flexible weight to
make the leader continue to unroll. Using
heavy mono that's half the length of the
leader enough energy is retained to turn the
flies over well.