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Fly Fishing For Redfish
by Alan Snider
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   Well, after everything else I have written about, it is finally time to go fishing. I think that
I will start with one of the more popular fish to fly fish for in salt water, which is the redfish
or the red drum as it is called in some parts of the country.

   Redfish will often migrate to spawn in shallow waters around inlets and channels in the
spring and seem to prefer sandy or muddy bottoms and have a fondness for inshore
brackish waters which are found behind the shore line. During migration the redfish with
often have their backs out of the water making them a lot easier to spot and to target with
your flies.

   Redfish are found along the Atlantic coast all the way from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico
being more plentiful south of New Jersey. You mainly fly fish redfish in the spring during
the spawn, but can be caught all the way to fall and in tropical waters or in the gulf can be
caught year round. Redfish are a very strong fish and very tough which makes them a lot
of fun to catch by fly fishing. They generally are in the 5 to 10 pound range, but have
been known to go as high as 30 pounds.

   You should use a 8 to 10 pound weight outfit and be sure to have enough 20 to 30
pound backing. Perfect Fly carries an excellent rod set for this size and has whatever line
and backing you require. They also carry an excellent reel that is an anti reverse type.
You can use a direct drive reel, but I don’t recommend it as in can wear your knuckles out
if you hook a large fish (which hopefully you will).

   Redfish eat a large variety of foods. They like baitfish, crabs, clams, mullets, worms
and shrimp. Perfect Fly also carries a wide variety of flies that have been known to work
well on redfish. They carry a very good baby crab that works well (be sure that if you get
a crab fly from another source that it is tied sideways to the hook so that it imitates the
way a crab walks). They also carry several types of deceivers, clouser minnows,
mackerel, mullets, and several different types and colors of shrimp. They also have some
rattle flies which seem to work better if you are fishing in brackish water because the
redfish seem to find them easier. If you go to our web site you can see pictures of these
flies with a detailed description of each.

   All in all, redfish can provide a very challenging as well as a very enjoyable day of fly

   I hope all of you had a safe and happy Thanksgiving and wish you all the best as we
get into the Christmas Holiday season. As always, if you have questions or we can help in
any way please call us at 1-800-594-4726 or visit our store on the web at www.
perfectflystore.com. Thank you for your time to read these articles and I hope they help in
some way to make your saltwater fly fishing more enjoyable.