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Saltwater Fly Fishing For Barracuda with Perfect Fly
by Alan Snider

  Barracuda are found in areas of southern California, Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and
Central and South America with both the Atlantic and Pacific species being popular.

  They can be caught year round with spring through fall being the best. They usually
range from 10 to 20 pounds but can grow to 75 pounds. They often cruise slowly to
ambush prey, but also rest around structure, mangroves, and along weed beds.

  Barracuda are not selective eaters and will eat almost anything with their favorite being
needlefish and other slim, fast baitfish such as flying fish. That being said, they can be
fished with needlefish imitations, deceivers, and clousers and sometimes on fast moving
skippers in sizes 1/0 to 4/0.

  Barracuda have extremely sharp teeth so you should use wire leaders on a 9 to 12
weight outfit and use extreme caution when handling them. They have also been known
to cause ciguatera poisoning.

  You should fish barracuda by casting past them and retrieve your line rapidly and strip
the line into a basket as they will make a frantic run when hooked. You can also blind
cast around piers, docks pilings, and bridge supports.

  If we can help you in any way with gearing up or just advice please call us at
1-800-594-4726 or visit our store at www.perfectflystore.com. Happy holidays and thank
you for your time.

Alan Snider
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