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Saltwater Fly Fishing For Black Drum with Perfect Fly
by Alan Snider

  Black Drum do not have near the popularity as the Red Drum(Redfish) because they
are a poor food fish and often stay too deep to be easily caught on a fly rig, but can
sometimes be chummed up to shallow water.

  They are located along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts and all the way to Brazil. They
normally weigh in the 10 to 30 pound range but can get as large as 100 pounds.
  You can best fish for them in spring and summer when they are migrating and are
found in shallow water.

  Their diet consists of all types of crustaceans or baitfish, with crabs, clams and oysters
being their favorites so they will hit almost any large sinking fly.

  Black Drum present a challenge when hooked, but remember to keep your fingers out
of their mouths as their back teeth used to crush oyster shells can also crush fingers.
Since they can get quite large you should fish them with a 10 to 15 weight outfit with
short leaders and fast sinking lines.

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Alan Snider

Alan Snider
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