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Saltwater Fly Fishing for Cobia with Perfect Fly
by Alan Snider
 Cobia are a tough, hard fighting fish that normally weigh 10 to 30 pounds, but can
grow to 100 pounds. They are found from lower Chesapeake Bay southward to Florida.
They are mainly found around oil rigs, buoys, wrecks, reefs, and bridge pilings. They are
often called Ling.

  They exist on a diet of eels, crabs, baitfish, squid, and shrimp and can be fished with
deceivers, crab patterns, eel flies, streamer flies, and poppers. You should also use a
10-12 weight outfit as cobia can be large and always put up a fight.

  You can fish them by blind casting around open water structures or chum them to
bring them close to the surface to be fished with fly tackle.

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Alan Snider
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