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Saltwater Fly Fishing For Permit with Perfect Fly
by Alan Snider
Perfect Fly Saltwater Fly Fishing
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Inshore/Offshore Saltwater Flies
  Permit is the premier fly rod fish because they are a strong, powerful fish that
provides plenty of action. They are found in the Atlantic in tropical waters
occasionally as far north as lower Virginia. They generally require water that is 70
degrees or warmer, they are a wide fish that inhabit flats but require deeper water
and are usually found singly rather than in schools. Spring through summer is the
best time to fly fish for permit.

   Permit favor crustaceans as a food source and crabs are a favorite food. You
should fly fish with flies that imitate these, so I would start with crab patterns
followed by shrimp patterns with hook sizes of 1 through 2/0.

   Permits are generally around 5-10 pounds but can grow to 30 pounds and
rarely get to 40 pounds. This being said, you should fish them with 8-10 weight
outfits since they can grow larger. Be sure to use plenty of backing with slow
sinking lines and long leaders. When you finally hook a permit get ready for some
of the most exciting fly fishing action in the saltwater arena because they are the
fish to turn a so-so day into one you will talk about for a long time.

   Perfect Fly offers all you will need in the way of rods, reels, line, backing, and
flies. We also offer hand tied leaders for different species of saltwater fish. Please
visit our online store to see everything available to make your trip a success at
www.perfectflystore.com or give us a call at 1-800-594-4726 for help or advice.
Thanks again for your time and have a great holiday season.