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Saltwater Fly Fishing For Sea Bass with Perfect Fly
by Alan Snider
  The sea bass is part of a large family which also includes the grouper and hinds. The
sea bass found in the Atlantic are a small inshore species usually from 1-4 pounds and
are easily caught on flies.

  You can best fish for them in bays and inshore over the continental shelf, around
jetties, pilings, structure, wrecks or rocks from late spring through early fall.

  Sea bass eat baitfish and some crustaceans so you can best fish for them using small
streamer flies in sizes 4-1/0. You should also use a 7-8 weight outfit with full sinking lines
and a short leader and cast around inshore structure such as rocks, jetties, pilings and

  Perfect Fly has all you need to make your trip a success. Please visit our online store
at www.perfectflystore.com or call us at 1-800-594-4726 for help or advice. Thank you
for your time.

Alan Snider
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