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Saltwater Fly Fishing for Bluefish with Perfect Fly
by Alan Snider
Bluefish are an Atlantic species found from mid-Carolina, to Cape Cod in the summer
and in the winter from Savannah, Georgia to Miami. Spring to Fall, they migrate into
coastal areas and tidal rivers in the prime nursery area, which is the mid-Atlantic.

  Bluefish are normally 5-20 pounds and move constantly in schools of same-size fish
because the larger blues would attack the smaller ones. Their diet consists mainly of all
types of baitfish. One indicator of Bluefish schools is gulls diving down to get the bait
they leave when they attack schools of baitfish.

  You can best fish for them using 7-10 weight outfits using skippers and poppers for
breaking fish or clousers and streamers if they are in deeper water. Another method is
to chum from the back of a boat.

  Remember when fishing for blues that they have very sharp teeth and synthetic flies
are best because their teeth destroy flies and bugs. A short bite tippet is a must.

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Alan Snider
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