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Saltwater Fly Fishing Tackle, Gear and Equipment
by Alan Snider
Perfect Fly Saltwater Fly Fishing
Flats Flies
Inshore/Offshore Saltwater Flies
  Warm holiday greetings to all of you fellow anglers. We have written about the Perfect Fly
co and about inland waters and blue water already so I thought that today we would write
about the gear that you need to go fly fishing in saltwater.

   The first thing I think you should consider is a good quality rod and reel combo. I
personally like a medium weight rod in the 6 to 9# range. A rod this size should give you
enough diversity to fish almost anywhere except for large deep sea species. I also prefer a
medium to medium fast action rod as they are also very versatile for most species of salt
water fish. The thing that would change is the weight of your line and the amount of backing
depending on what fish you are fly fishing for and the area in which you are fishing.
Remember that salt water is corrosive and to clean your gear after use.

   The next thing to carry is a cap and sunglasses. The cap helps to keep the sun off your
head and to shade your eyes. Using sunglasses along with your cap enables you to
sometimes spot the fish better as well as any obstacles in the water. Also, remember to
carry sunscreen to put on exposed areas of skin as you will burn quicker on the water.

   If you are fly fishing from a boat remember to carry personal floatation devices which are
also important if you are flats fishing on foot. I also believe in having a radio or a cell phone
on the boat or with you as the ocean can be a lonely place if something happens and no
one is around. Also, if you are in a boat, remember to check your fuel, any electronic
devices, or if the boat is large enough, your bilge area for leaks. Safety is the most
important thing to insure a great day of saltwater fly fishing.

   The next items are a matter of personal preference and can vary greatly. You should
have some line nippers, forceps, hook removal tool, dip net (I use a perfect fly magnetic
holder fastened to my fly vest to carry mine and leave my hand free) and your flies that you
are going to use. An item that is often overlooked is a thermometer. Many species of fish
are more active or more lethargic depending on the water temperature. One other item that
perfect fly has just started to offer is a collapsible wading/walking stick. This comes in very
handy when you have uneven bottom structure when wading flats. The other item to have if
you are wading flats is a good pair of flats boots.

   This is just a small list of basic items that I think you should carry and not be overloaded
with gear, but there is one other important item to have. I believe you should have a vest or
a backpack with pockets large enough to hold water, snacks, and possibly a first aid kit.

   These are just a few ideas that maybe you can use to create your own set up of fly
fishing gear. I hope to write to you all again soon. Until then I wish you and yours and very
safe and happy holiday season. As always, if you have any comments, questions or we can
help you in any way please feel free to call us at 1-800-594-4726 or visit us at
www.perfectflystore.com.  Thank you again for your time.