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Saltwater Fly Fishing the Flats For Bonefish
by Alan Snider
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Bonefish are found worldwide in tropical and subtropical island and flats areas with
the popular locations being Florida, Belize, Christmas Island, the Bahamas, and Las
Roques, Venezuela. They must have 70 degree or water that is warmer.

   You can fish for Bonefish at any time of the year, but Spring through Summer is
best. They live in the turtle and sand flats in tropical areas except when tides and
dropping temperatures move them off the flats. Large schools of small fish feed in
the flats, but as they grow larger they are found in smaller schools or singly.

   Bonefish are normally 2-8 pounds and exist on a diet of crabs, sea urchins,
shrimp, sea worms, clams, and sometimes small fish as they scrounge the bottom for
food in feeding areas of flats, channels, and turtle grass. Large schools are often
found in mud areas with Jack Crevalle and Stingrays (to avoid stepping on sting
rays, use a shuffling gait when you walk).

   They can be fished with an 8 weight outfit  but you could go up or down a couple
of sizes depending on conditions and fish. They fish very well on bonefish flies, crab
and shrimp patterns (make sure your crab fly is tied crossways of the hook to best
imitate the way a crab walks). You can sight fish flats by wading or boat fishing or
look for mudded areas of moving schools. Cast ahead of the school and move the fly
in short hops to intersect the school. You can also chum for them using small bits of
shrimp or conch.

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