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Perfect Fly Saltwater Fishing Flies, Tackle and Gear Introduction
by Alan Snider
Greetings fellow anglers and newcomers to the sport of fly fishing. Winter is fast
approaching and fly fishing for trout will slow down or stop in some parts of the country.
Many will turn to saltwater fly fishing for the winter months and many enjoy the sport
fishing, but many of our loyal customers as well as newcomers do not realize that we
carry a complete line of saltwater fly fishing supplies. So we would like to start today, by
giving you a history of Perfect Fly and how the company got started. Then, we will
continue in the following months with a series of articles to help everyone from the
novice to the most serious angler become more informed about the sport of saltwater
fly fishing. This includes what rods you need to use, what flies to use to catch certain
fish, inland waters, coastal waters, blue water, and what gear to use to make you day
enjoyable and hopefully, catch a lot of fish.

Perfect Fly was created eleven years ago by James Marsh, who along with his wife  
Angie, spent sixteen years fishing all across the U.S. Prior to this James competed for
five years in  the B.A.S.S. tour, and then later turned his attention to saltwater starting
the first ever national syndicated TV series on saltwater fishing for five years, and
during the following several years, host and produced over 40 DVD programs about
the sport.  He then created Perfect Fly and a big part of his and  Angie's travels were  
to collect samples of various  species of aquatic insects, and then develop flies to  
imitate them. What followed was over 400 fly patterns that more closely resemble the  
actual insects than any flies currently on today's market. People that use these are  
often amazed at how real they look. Perfect Fly takes great pride in offering these as  
well as the rods, reels, and all the other accessories they manufacturer that you will  
need to make your fly fishing adventure successful. We also offer "getting started  
sets" for the beginner as well as many instructional DVDs on fly fishing for various  
species of trout. These instructional DVDs will help anyone gain more knowledge  
about the sport. James also posts stream reports on various locations across  the  
U.S., so that you can check and make sure conditions are the best they can be for  
your trip.
The Perfect Fly Company continues to grow thanks to our loyal customers and we  
would like to welcome anyone to the sport of fly fishing.  We hope you continue in the  
months head to follow our series on Saltwater Fly Fishing. We will try to make it  
enjoyable as well as informative. Should you have any question about, or would like  to  
inquire about our product, please feel free to contact us at  1-800-594-4726.  If you
have questions about fly fishing, you can also contact us at that number. Also, please  
visit our website at
www.perfectflystore.com for more information on various streams  as
well as a complete selection of everything we offer. Thank you for your time and  
continued support.
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